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The Duke of Wellington's Dancers

Regency dancing in Southampton

upcoming classes

St Denys Church centre, Dundee Road, Southampton, SO17 2ND

All classes are in the main hall 7.30-9.30pm unless otherwise specified

Term 2

Thurs 27 June

Term 3

Tues 2 July

Sat 6 July 2-4pm

Thurs 11 July

Thurs 18 July 

Thurs 1 Aug

Tues 6 Aug

Thurs 15 Aug

Tues 3 Sept

Thurs 12 Sept

Thurs 19 Sept

Thurs 26 Sept

Term 4

Tues 1 Oct

Thurs 10 Oct

Thurs 17 Oct

Thurs 24 Oct

Thurs 7 Nov

Tues 12 Nov (in the Church)

Thurs 21 Nov

Thurs 28 Nov

Tues 3 Dec (in the Church)

Thurs 12 Dec

Thurs 19 Dec

upcoming EVENTS​

7 July 2019: 6th anniversary ball for our members only at a private Georgian house, with Green Ginger. 

27 July 2019: Jane Austen's House Museum 70th anniversary: dance display and opportunity to try Regency dancing with us 

11 August 2019: Andover Shilling Fair: dance display and opportunity to try Regency dancing with us 

13 October: Autumn ball for our members only with Green Ginger.

rehearsal dates

Sat 6 July - ball workshop

Thurs 25 July 

Thurs 8 August