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The Duke of Wellington's Dancers

Regency dancing in Southampton


We were founded in September 2013 by our Chairman, Rachel Dalziel. Our aims are to have fun, keep fit, make new friends and become proficient dancers. We meet most Thursdays 7.30-9.30pm. Individual classes cost £7 (NUS £6) but you can purchase a term in advance at a discounted rate. 

The minimum age to attend our classes is 14 and young people aged 14-15 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at classes. 


Beginners are very welcome to join us.

No partner or costume is required, just flat flexible shoes and comfy clothing. 

Whilst many of the dances are elegant, a large proportion are fast and aerobic so help in keeping fit. 

Our regular dance master is Dr Garth Notley and we occasionally host guest teachers.

We also have social meet-ups, including picnics in costume and visits to historic sites.